NSW Schools Specialist Allied Health Services Scheme

NSW Schools Specialist Allied Health Services Scheme

Better Rehab doesn’t only work with children with disabilities through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. As of 2019 we are a prequalified provider in the NSW Department of Education’s Specialist Allied Health Services Scheme. We currently work with school principals and Learning and Support Teams to help students with disabilities participate in educational activities and access the curriculum. Our school services look a little different to traditional therapy and are focused on how a student interacts with their lessons, school work, and assessments in the context of additional learning needs.

NSW Schools Specialist Allied Health Services Scheme

We deliver a range of services tailored to schools according to their student population and area of need, and our occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and behavioural support practitioners can provide:

Consultation for Personalised Learning Plans
Advice on adjustments to lessons to help students access the same syllabus outcomes as their peers
Clinical education and ongoing discussion groups to assist teaching staff problem-solve trends in their classroom
Creation of therapy plans and training for School Learning Support Officers to implement strategies
Whole class sessions with a curriculum focus
Small group intervention to help students who need more specific strategies
Individual assessment and therapy for students with the most needs at school
Assistive technology assessments and reports to support students
Mealtime assessment and management plans to help students safely eat and drink at school
Access assessments and builder drawings to enable students with mobility needs go between classrooms and the playground
Functional behavioural assessments and plans to encourage focus and participation in class

Just like every student is different, every school will have their own specific needs. We work collaboratively with schools, teachers and parents to achieve the best outcomes for our students.

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